How it works’s electronic signature, generated through and OTP, and the blockchain notarization of the data warrant reliability and immutability for the subscribed files.’s Video room, which can be accessed by all the parties of the agreement, allows the interaction of participants, their recognition and identification in real time.

Agree.Live's signature device has been specially designed to satisfy the same requirements of a written form and legal effectiveness comparable to that of an ordinary hand signature on a paper document.

You just need to have your mobile phone, access to your e-mail box and a copy of your identity document to sign online, from your computer, with a secure, unchangeable electronic seal that can be traced back to its author.

In addition, the video interaction of all participants accelerates the decision-making process and also allows mutual recognition, just as it would happen in a live meeting.

In short, with Agree.Live, you can take participate in meetings and finalize your commercial agreements securely and interactively, without having to download any additional software.

With Agree.Live you will avoid unnecessary trips, reducing travel costs,
optimizing times and also producing a lower environmental impact.

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