#agreelive : electronic signature + video call TOGETHER


The Agree.Live platform complies with the GDPR regulation and has also been developed following the eIDAS guidelines on electronic signatures.

In order to meet the typical requirements of the advanced electronic signature necessary for its recognition as the written form and evidential effectiveness, Agree.Live provides the following features.

a.1 Each party is identified with the registration of name, mobile telephone number and email address, which are the personal data used to access the Agree.Live platform;

a.2 After logging into the reserved area of ​​the platform, each party is required to upload their identity document;

a.3 The same identity document is then made available to the other signatories, who can thus perform a visual recognition;

a.4 The advanced electronic signature is affixed by means of an OTP delivered to the telephone number belonging to each party;

a.5 During the procedure, the platform also detects the IP address of each signatory and other identifying data.

The Advanced Electronic Signature affixed by each participant is associated to them in a secure and univocal manner through a process for which the One Time Password, necessary for affixing the electronic signature, is known exclusively by the user through their registered mobile number. Furthermore, the digital preservation of the electronic document subject to the signature is also guaranteed.

The process of performing an advanced electronic signature on Agree.Live requires participating in the video meeting, which results in face-to-face recognition, paired with the use of an OTP associated with the mobile device in use by the signing party.

The timestamp applied to the file with the Advanced Electronic Signature indisputably crystallizes the moment of signing of the agreement. Checking the correspondence between a recalculated fingerprint and the copy on the platform allows verification at any time that the signed document has not undergone any changes after the signature has been affixed.

Each signatory can view the document before signing it and after affixing the signature, and they can download an electronic duplicate of the document or can request a copy.

The blockchain notarized hash of the PDF/A Archival format makes the file impossible to modify.

The timestamp applied to the original document signed by Agree.Live certifies that that particular electronic signature was used only for that document.

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